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by | Mar 17, 2024 | Watchlists

Hey traders, it’s Matt here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Slam a glass of beer today or kiss somebody who’s Irish.

We’ve got to party hard. Because Lord knows, we work hard!

When the market opens on Monday, March 18 at 9:30 A.M. Eastern, there will be new opportunities to profit!

Take some time this weekend (between partying) to prepare. It doesn’t take long. You just need to write down the hottest stocks in the market right now.

(And study the pattern Bryce shared yesterday).

I include my full Monday watchlist in today’s blog post.

It’s short and sweet. Bookmark this page if you need to come back later, or on Monday morning.

Let’s get to it!

The Hottest Tickers Right Now

Don’t say I never did nothing for you, lol:

  • Verb Technology Company Inc. (NASDAQ: VERB)

This stock spiked +500% on Friday, March, 15 after announcing the launch of its new Facebook and Instagram online shopping technology.

Prices fell in the afternoon. But if the stock can find support there’s a strong possibility it rallies. The news has legs. And StocksToTrade shows that the float is only 15 million shares.

That’s close enough to our maximum of 10 million shares (a small share supply helps prices spike higher).

VERB looks primed for a follow-up move:

VERB chart intraday, 1-minute candles Source: StocksToTrade

  • Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN)

The stock spiked on Thursday, March 14, during after hours once it announced FDA backing for its blood cancer drug.

The price action stayed elevated all through after hours, into premarket hours, and intraday trading on Friday, March 15.

The float is higher than I’d like, StocksToTrade shows 500 million shares in the float.

But the news is still really good. And we have to respect the price action.

Any stock that’s able to consolidate has the opportunity to spike higher.

GERN chart multi-day, 1-minute candles Source: StocksToTrade

  • SoundHound AI Inc. (NASDAQ: SOUN)

Easily one of the most legendary small-cap AI runners.

It already had an impressive history of running in 2023. But in 2024 this stock became a whole new animal.

Mainly because we learned on February 15, 2024 that NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) bought a stake in SOUN.

NVDA is perhaps the most popular stock in the world right now. The AI boom is pushing tech stocks higher, and NVDA’s microchips are at the heart of the move.

NVDA’s interest in SOUN is a HUGE catalyst. Take a look at the spike thus far, and get ready for another move.

SOUN chart multi-month, 1-day candles Source: StocksToTrade

Stay Safe Tomorrow

Yes, this 2024 market is INSANE for small-cap profits.

The proof is all over Tim Sykes’ Twitter:

But above all things, we need to prioritize safety.

This is about longevity and protecting our overall account. If a stock starts to fall apart:

Cut your losses quickly.

You can always get back in and reposition.


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