Matt Monaco and Bryce Tuohey here with a big To The Moon Report welcome. 

Our mission: To find trades headed… TO THE MOON! 

This is long overdue. Just like we’re trying to constantly improve our trading strategies — we think it’s time for us to step up our newsletter game. 

We designed this newsletter to be your one-stop shop for targeting astronomical trades. 

Why now? 


In the past few years, a brand-new trading culture has emerged.

It isn’t 70-year-old legacy bankers with MBAs controlling this revolution — it’s young retail traders, like us.

The days of Bloomberg terminals and blue blazers running Wall Street are coming to an end. 

There’s fresh blood in a hot market. It’s young, smart, and STARVING for gains.

And we’re prime examples of this new breed of trader. 

In fact — while we’re both in our 20s… we’ve made a combined $2.9 million through trading over the past few years. 

But let’s be honest: These days, being a rich day trader is similar to being a rock star — everyone wants to be one, while few are willing to do the work required to succeed.

Reddit (and online trading communities in general) have raised the profile of the stock market astronomically

It seems like everyone (and their grandma) discusses the intricate details of economics, cryptography, and technical analysis by now…

Yet still, 90% of traders FAIL — but we’ve CRUSHED IT! 

How (and WHY) have we flourished where others fall flat?

🚀  We aren’t afraid of taking risks

As a young trader looking to grow your account, you have to be ready to pull the trigger when the five-star setups come across your screen. It’s that simple. We execute on our convictions multiple times a day — every day. We aren’t afraid to go for it, and you shouldn’t be either…

🚀  We go for HUGE trades

Sure, you need to be able to pull the trigger when the timing is right. But you also should be prepared to get aggressive with big trade sizing on A+ chart patterns. That being said, you should never risk more than you’re willing to lose. We think we’re pretty good at identifying whether a trade should be sized small, or sized astronomically

🚀  We’re plugged into the new trading culture

If you’re not scouring the internet for plays, you’re missing a huge part of the stock market in 2021. Reddit and Twitter are absolute goldmines for ideas, analysis, and trading inspiration. We both grew up online, and now we weaponize that “nerdiness” to our advantage — by staying finely tuned into what trades are being talked up on social media.

What to Expect

Here’s what you’ll get in your inbox each week…

🌝  Three issues per week — Tuesday, Thursday, and a very special edition every Sunday…

🌝  Exclusive Analysis by Matt and Bryce — We’re saving our absolute BEST ideas, analysis, and inspiration for this newsletter that you won’t be able to get ANYWHERE ELSE.

🌝  Free Weekly Watchlist — We’re feeling generous, so each week you’ll get three astronomical trade ideas COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. 

Prepare for Lift-off 

OK … we’ve gotta get back to trading now. But later in the week, you’ll hear from each of us individually…

We’ll go over our solo approaches to the markets, and touch on some of the differences between our styles.

In the meantime — keep your trading headed To The Moon! 

Until next time,

Matt and Bryce

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