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A Trader’s Thanksgiving Checklist

Bryce here. Happy Thanksgiving!  Tim Bohen likes to say something along the lines of “If you look forward to days off, you need to find a better job.”  I agree with that, but I also love being able to take my mind off the market for a day or two to spend time with...

Why Trading Is a Long Game and How to Prep for It

Hey. Matt here. You probably often hear that investing is a long game, especially compared to day trading. It’s true — investors hold stocks much longer than those of us making trades each day. But don’t get it twisted: trading is a long game, too. Just in a different...

‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: November 21, 2021

What’s up, everyone. Matt here. I hope you enjoyed my brother Mark’s appearance on Small Cap Recap. (Hopefully, you now know why I’m the professional trader in the family!) Look, Bryce made a fine effort hosting the show without me. But I could tell you were all...

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