What A Week!

by | Jan 14, 2023 | Watchlists

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

I’m blown away by this volatility.

Last week I made a great trade on Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE) and even held some shares overnight.

I show all the details in my newest video. If you haven’t watched it yet I’ll post a link below … 

There are a lot of tickers to watch as the market opens on Tuesday.

So today, I prepared a watchlist with the best plays.

Let’s get to it … 


I mentioned six stocks in last week’s video.

They’re all still in play. The prices are consolidating right now.

Watch the video for more details on … 

#1: Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE)

#2: Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc. (NASDAQ: AMV)

#3: Akerna Corp. (NASDAQ: KERN)

#4: Broadwind Inc. (NASDAQ: BWEN)

#5: Biora Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOR)

#6: Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GREE)

But since that video, there’s another runner I want to add to the list … 

Newegg Commerce Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG)

It spiked +110% yesterday with a huge trading volume. More than 80 million shares in a single day. And the float is only 12 million shares.

Here’s a chart so far … 

The biggest one I learned from Sykes: cut losses quickly.

Everyone loses from trading. Controlling those losses is the key to success.

He shares that rule with all of his students. But only some are able to put it into practice.

It all comes down to discipline. Can you cut a trade if it starts to fail?

It’s possible to profit +100% in a day. Sykes’ student Mark Croock does it over and over again.

But he also takes losses every now and then.

His Profit.ly shows a 53% win rate.

He only wins 50% of the time, and he has close to $4 million in net profits.

That’s a pretty good set up … 

This coming Wednesday he’s going to reveal the whole process. There’s a live tutorial at 8 P.M. Eastern. I already reserved my seat.

There’s still time. Here’s the link.

This pattern could be the breakthrough you need!

See you there.

NEGG chart 1-minute candles Source: StocksToTrade

I’m glad the price pulled back before the close, now we’ve got room to trade it.

Don’t screw up when the market opens tomorrow … 

These are highly volatile tickers. There are right ways to trade them and wrong ways.

Trust me … the wrong ways can get pretty gruesome.

In order to ensure some level of safety, let the tickers shake out for a few minutes before making a trade.

Tim Bohen calls it the 9:45 rule. He always gives the price action 15 minutes to set up.

Trading rules like these keep traders safe and consistently profitable.

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