‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: November 21, 2021

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What’s up, everyone. Matt here.

I hope you enjoyed my brother Mark’s appearance on Small Cap Recap. (Hopefully, you now know why I’m the professional trader in the family!)

Look, Bryce made a fine effort hosting the show without me. But I could tell you were all missing my irreplaceable thoughts and analysis…

Matt’s Picks

Let’s kick this Sunday watchlist off in style. I’m ready to reveal two VERY EXCITING picks for you, so let’s get into it…

Decentraland (MANA)

ALERT: This is a MONSTER crypto breakout play!

MANA had a huge run from 70 cents to $4.95 back in October after Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) changed its name to Meta. 

“Decentralized” is the buzzword of the moment in crypto, and MANA is one of the leaders in the sector.

MANA’s been consolidating for the better part of two weeks. Now it’s looking very strong compared to bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), which are both pulling back.

Note: I’m currently long from the high $3s and looking for a fresh push to the $5s on the breakout.

Bimi International Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: BIMI)


I’m not gonna lie … this ticker gives me funky vibes. I think it’s ready to party!

NOTE: BIMI is a former runner. Pay attention to this theme — I’ve recommended these kinds of plays before.

The recent move started on Tuesday, November 16 when BIMI ramped from 65 cents to $1.

I like the chart here because it’s held up all week around $1. When a stock holds its gains after a big run or spike — pay attention!

I’ll be stalking this one next week to make sure I’m ready for a possible breakout. I suggest you do the same…

Bryce’s Picks

Bryce here. Let me throw two more picks at you…

Bakkt Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BKKT)


BKKT seems more and more like a ‘real’ company after it announced a multi-faceted partnership with Mastercard (NYSE: MA) a few weeks back.

The stock quadrupled on the news, from sub-$10 to a high of $42.52. Since then, it’s been bleeding out, now trading for under $20.

On Friday, BKKT was up as much as 15% intraday. This relative strength with strong volume caught my attention. 

This seems like a reasonable candidate for a bounce next week if the volume can sustain.

Dogness Corp. (NASDAQ: DOGZ)


Who doesn’t love DOGZ, right?! The ticker alone is hard to ignore.

DOGZ is a Chinese pet supply company with a daily chart that just keeps grinding. 

I like it here. The chart has passed all levels of technical resistance that I can see. I’ll be keeping DOGZ on close watch next week. 

Who knows … If we’re lucky we could see a move similar to Xiaobai Maimai Inc. (NASDAQ: HX). 

WARNING: Chinese tickers are crazy and unpredictable — ALWAYS do your own due diligence!


Before we go, a few words of advice:

  1. Don’t eat too much this weekend … Thanksgiving is just a few days away!
  2. Keep these names high on your watchlists next week…
  3. You never know when one of these plays could head straight to the moon!

See you next week,

Matt and Bryce

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