‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: September 10, 2022

by | Sep 10, 2022 | Watchlists

Howdy, traders. It’s Bryce here. 

Are you as excited as I am? I can understand if not … despite pretty strong employment numbers and a market bounce back this week, things are still tough for a lot of families. 

And I’m not out of touch with that … I grew up in a family with very little money left over, and we almost lost our home in 2008. 

Nothing makes me prouder of my sacrifices as a professional day trader than being able to give back to my family

We talk about the perks of freedom from being a trader a lot, but sometimes, connection and roots are what motivated us the most. 

That’s my story anyway. What will yours be? 

Let’s get to this week’s watchlist and see what opportunities await…

ShiftPixy (NASDAQ: PIXY)

This is a wild one, and no longer a small cap, but it’s like a gift that keeps on giving … a former runner many times over. 

It’s a digital platform that caters to the gig economy. And the gig economy is certainly here to stay. 

But what sent it soaring this week? News of a spin-off company and dividend. It closed up a whopping 176.54% on Thursday at $31. And on Friday, it closed up over 11% but then quickly dropped over 7% in after-hours. That’s not bad considering Thursday’s run. 

I’m looking for a break of $35 for a run-up to the $40 resistance level on Monday.

Geovax Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: GOVX)

This is another comeback ticker. A former runner that keeps coming back to give more greens. 

GOVX is a clinical-stage biotech that makes vaccines. It made some epic moves during the Monkeypox breakouts. 

It might be traders grasping onto the news of a couple of fatalities due to Monkeypox. A very sad catalyst for sure. 

The ticker closed up over 50% on Friday at $1.64. On Monday, I’m looking for a move above $1.85 for a move up to $2.25.


IVERIC is a biotech that shot up early this week after encouraging data from a Phase 3 clinical trial. 

It’s been on a steady, slightly upward sideways consolidation all week. 

It ticked a new 52-week high on Friday at $20.99 before retracing down to a close at $18.59, up just 5.15% on the day. 

If it closes above $18.90 this week, that would be a 5-month closing price breakout that could bring swing trading volume into the game. For day traders, look for a breakout above $21 on Monday. 


Opportunities in the markets are cyclical. They keep you on your toes. Honestly, that’s what I love most about trading. 

It’s the ultimate comeback story. Just when you think the markets will stay red and everything looks down, an opportunity pops right up

Just like with Bitcoin breaking below $19,000 on Tuesday, September 6th and then jumping above $21,000 on Friday, September 9th, there’s always a pocket of opportunity somewhere. And right now, Matt Monaco’s got his finger on the pulse of the next one

Seven Coins Set to Mint Historical Returns

While everyone else is focused on the record number inflation…

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Matt Monaco believes that 99.99% of folks are about to miss out on what’s likely to be the biggest wealth creation event of the decade.

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