‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: August 13, 2022

by | Aug 13, 2022 | Watchlists

How’s it going, traders? Happy Saturday! It’s Bryce here. 

Did y’all catch the action on Fortune Friday? The S&P closed in the green for the fourth straight week in a row. And the slew of ideal setups for traders continues to play out. 

Speaking of play, did you see my magic card tricks last week? I’m not kidding. I pulled out all the stops and I brought out my Rubik’s cube too. You can watch me get my nerd on before I talk shop right here.

Matt’s got a deeper breakdown of the S&P action, along with his favorite crypto play for the coming week in tomorrow’s watchlist. 

In the meantime, I’m gonna share three of the most interesting setups I see for potential breakouts on Money Monday…

Allego NV (NYSE: ALLG)

Call me a romantic but I’ve still got my eyes on this stock. Who doesn’t want to trade a company that sounds like the word allegro? Just kidding, I never fall in love with a stock!

But I do still have hope that it could rebreak out. I showed you its beautiful bull flag chart on Wednesday’s Small Cap Recap. I was hoping for a dip and rip above $6 on Thursday but it retraced about 50% of its gains instead. 

Friday action saw it close at $5.34, up 50.42% on the day, bringing it very close to that $5.50 level where it’s had a lot of activity. 

On Monday, look for that break above $6. But make sure it proves itself first. The next price targets are $6.75-$7 and $7.50-$8.

AN2 Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: ANTX)

ANTX reported earnings and provided business updates on Thursday that had a positive effect on the stock. They’re making their way through clinical trials of a key product. 

The stock came very close to breaking its 52-week high of $23.58 on Friday. It reached an intraday high of $22.56, then it closed at $19.38, up 64.66% on the day. 

Here’s what I really like about it: it’s breaking out of a deep base. $18.82 is the closing high from May 6th that it had to close above for a true breakout, and it did.

Look for continuation on Money Monday … a break above Friday’s high would be ideal, after a pullback. It is volatile though so keep size small to be safe. 

Twin Vee Powercats Co. (NASDAQ: VEEE)

This was one of the top runners on Fortune Friday AND it was a Breaking News Chat alert. That algorithm often picks the best plays. 

So what’s got people so excited about a boat company? VEE reported second-quarter earnings on Friday and traders found something to cheer about. 

VEEE closed at $7.10, up 77.50% on the day, but it reached an intraday high of $8.40. It also popped more than $2 past the closing price to about $9.22 in after-hours before pulling back to the $8 key level. 

Look, this thing is definitely overextended, but that can make it a potential dip buy. Wait for it to pull back to its proven support levels around $8 and $8.50. If it holds support, you buy for a small bounce up to its previous highs.


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