‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: June 11, 2022

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Howdy, traders. It’s Bryce here.

I hope your Saturday is going well. Personally, I’m taking a moment to appreciate the magic that can happen — eventually — when you take risks in your life, and commit to them. 

I was watching a trading friend’s story on YouTube and it got me thinking about how fearless I had to be when I started trading. 

Granted, I didn’t have a wife or kids to worry about but wondering if I was gonna make it as a trader took a toll on my mental health at one point. 

So now, I try to take each day and each trading week as it comes. We saw new life breathed into small caps last week, despite some very red indexes. 

I’m hoping to see a continuation in small-cap breakouts next week. Here are the tickers I’m watching … one of these could reach $20+!

Redbox Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ: RDBX)

Redbox is a bit of a meme stonk, to be honest. We covered it a couple of times when it ran in early May

Despite being a DVD and video rental company, the stock has staying power. A month ago, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc. announced its plan to acquire Redbox. 

After the stock ran up on the news, shorts took it down as it retraced pretty much all of its gains. But traders love a good meme stonk. And the nostalgia of it might also make it a story stock. 

It’s recovered and pulled out of that base, even breaking past the $10 resistance level. It ran up 39.39% on Friday, closing at $13.20. 

Keep an eye out for a break of Friday’s close on Monday morning. With a rumored very high short interest, this one could keep running to the moon! I’m thinking $20+.

AeroClean Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: AERC)

AeroClean is the air purifier that made major moves early this past week. It announced on Monday that its Pūrgo™ system got FDA clearance. 

And as a good PR-churning company should, it followed up with news on Wednesday that they appointed a new Vice President of Strategic Sales

AERC was a reliable multi-day runner last week, and it even held up well on Friday despite the benchmark indexes’ super red moves. 

If it continues on Monday, a breakout past $11 could go to $12. But a breakout past Tuesday’s close in the $12 range would be even better. Let’s hope they’ve got more press releases up their sleeves!

Houston American Energy Corporation (NYSE: HUSA)

HUSA is an energy company from Houston, Texas. And it’s become a go-to ticker when energy stocks run. 

Energy stocks can be a little unpredictable in their moves. They’re impacted by world events, economic policies, supply and demand, and the various countries that regulate oil output. 

HUSA had a major run-up in early March during the Russia-Ukraine conflict — it closed at $11.30 on March 7. 

It retraced significantly since then but has recently started coming out of a base again. On Friday, it pulled back a little. 

If it continues its upward trend on Monday, look for breaks of $7.50, to march up to $8.50. It could grind up until it tests resistance again at $11.30.


Small caps are back in a big way, and I’m so excited to see them rocket to the moon again. Whoever said ‘sell in May and stay away’ is missing out!

It’s also great that they’ve been holding up even when the greater stock market isn’t. That tells you that the day traders have come out to play again, and they’re looking for action no matter what a large-cap thinks about it. We talk about this phenomenon in Small Cap Rockets

As retail traders, sometimes we trade alongside the institutional investors, and sometimes we don’t. Knowing the right time to do which is key to succeeding in the stock market. That’s why I started Small Cap Rockets — join us to find out how you can find your edge as a day trader right now.

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