‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: April 16, 2022

by | Apr 16, 2022 | Watchlists

Happy Saturday, traders. It’s Bryce here. 

Before I get to my top stocks for next week, I have to wish a happy belated birthday to my OG mentor Tim Sykes. He ‘celebrated’ by working hard creating trading webinars. Talk about dedication!

Speaking of dedication, let’s talk stocks.

I have hot movers in three very different sectors for you this week. Let’s get to it!

What I’m Watching

Here are the tickers I’m eyeing this week…

Medavail Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MDVL)

MedAvail Holdings is the pharmacy tech company that created a self-service pharmacy “MedCenter” machine for commercial use.

Matt was eyeballing this ticker last week after regulatory filings revealed that two private equity and venture capital firms have big stakes in the company.

The stock moved over 200% to the upside following that news from a week and a half ago. 

It closed at a peak of $2.29 on April 11 and broke past it on Thursday, April 14, closing at $2.44. But it didn’t stop there…

MDVL saw a new high of $2.98 in after-hours and consolidated steadily into the close at $2.60. If it breaks $3 on Monday morning, this baby’s in play all over again. 

NextDecade Corp. (NASDAQ: NEXT)

NEXT stands to benefit from the next chapter of oil production. Due to the war in Ukraine, Europe is expected to substantially decrease its dependence on Russian oil

In reality, this will take time — Europe’s dependence on Russian oil is great. So much so that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned an immediate ban on Russian oil would throw Europe into a recession.

But any positive news on the transition could give energy stocks another boost. And the U.S. is poised to become an important supplier to Europe over the long haul. 

NEXT closed up 19.45% on Thursday at $7.37. That took it past its April 1 closing high of $6.94 for a fresh breakout. Look for continuation and new highs on Monday and onward if the conflict abroad continues. (And let’s hope for a speedy, peaceful resolution.)

Cumulus Media Inc. (NASDAQ: CMLS)

Interest in CMLS soared after a report that radio industry veteran Jeff Warshaw and his consortium offered to buy Cumulus Media –– a radio station operator –– for $1.2 billion, including debt. 

Cumulus Media currently has over 400 owned-and-operated radio stations. Warshaw said he’d pay $15–$17 a share for the company and even more depending on due diligence findings. 

The stock ran up to $14.60 on Thursday, up 39.86% on the day, and more in after-hours. Look for dips and rips into the $15–$17 range. But keep an eye out for any releases of updated prices related to the offering. 


I love it when stocks take off in multiple sectors. It shows you that traders across the board are hungry for action. 

Whether you’re trading biotech, oil, or media plays, what matters most is your ability to recognize the right patterns and execute them properly. 

No one knows this better than Tim Bohen.

Bohen’s a conservative trader. He’s not making one hot trade pay for all his duds like some of us. He has the patience to wait for the studs. And he’s nailed it down to a science so precise he calls it a “2 p.m. Cash Appointment.” The algorithm he created to catch his favorite pattern before it happens is impressive! See it here!

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