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by | Oct 19, 2023 | Trading Lessons

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

There are a lot of reasons new traders struggle.

But there’s one factor that rises above the rest.

The top reason a new trader fails in this market … 

This applies to most of you. Trust me, I used to be a new trader, I know what it’s like.

You should be capitalizing on huge moves like this low-float biotech: Tempest Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: TPST).

On October 11 the company announced positive clinical studies for its therapeutics device TPST-1120 Arm. The stock spiked 4,100% that day.

Then it pulled back and offered another dip buy opportunity. A 160% spike.

Instead, new traders get caught in the price action and fall for common traps.

That’s the way Wall Street wants it.

They convince us the market is a scary place. That we should pay them to manage our money.

The truth is … It’s a lot more intuitive than you think.

And you’re not accessing the real opportunities because of this one reason … 

The REAL Market

I’m not here to screw around. Let’s get right to the point … 

  • Your Yahoo Finance charts are trash.
  • Your Robinhood charts are trash.
  • Your TradingView charts are trash.
  • Your charts are trash.

I already told you … Wall Street is playing us.

The largest players in the market pay top dollar for the fastest market data.

By the time you see the stock price on Google, you’re already 10 – 20 minutes late. It’s a false market.

And new traders wonder … 

  • Why do I get caught in positions?
  • Why do I get random fill prices?
  • How does anyone trade these volatile stocks for a profit?

That’s when they quit and turn jaded toward the market.

It’s not their fault. They’ve been duped!

Up-to-date data is ESSENTIAL when we’re trading runners like TPST. A 4,100% could be catastrophic for a trader using late data.

You don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of these volatile runners.

Luckily, industry vets like Tim Bohen and Tim Sykes collaborated to build software designed specifically for small-account traders.

Wall Street kept this technology for themselves. Not any longer.

Real-time data combined with Sykes’ trading process … And you’ve got a $1 million trading strategy.

Sykes’ Process

The hottest stocks in the market follow key patterns.

Tim Sykes discovered the entire framework over 20 years ago.

And it still works today. Here’s how … 

The market’s best setups follow human psychology. Human beings are predictable. Especially during times of high stress. Like if someone has their kid’s college fund in a stock that spikes 4,100% … 

I could teach you the whole framework here. But this paper would be too long. And I wouldn’t do a very good job explaining.

At least … Not compared to the master himself.

Sykes and his team hold daily livestream sessions to demonstrate the entire process.

Sykes does this stuff for the street credit. He’s a teacher first and a trader second.

And already he has over 30 millionaire students. I’m one of them.

You could be next.

>> Discover Sykes’ trading process LIVE <<

It’s the same market experience without the account exposure.

These plays used to go right over your head.

Not anymore.

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