Biotech Mania

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Market Lessons

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

Throughout all of 2023, biotech stocks have been the hottest.

The sector has a huge history of running, but the volatility isn’t always consistent.

Sometimes we’ll see spikers for a few weeks or months at a time and then it dies out. Not this year.

It’s been non-stop moon rockets. Yesterday we saw …

  • Tempest Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: TPST) spiked 2,800%
  • Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc. (AMEX: MTNB) spiked 180%
  • Clearmind Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ: CMND) spiked 120%
  • Phio Pharmaceuticals Corp. (NASDAQ: PHIO) spiked 80%

And keep in mind … I’m not trying to time it perfectly.

I’m just looking for 10, 20, 30%.

There’s more than enough room for small-account traders like you and me.

And yet … 90% of traders lose … 

That’s because they don’t understand the landscape.

The market is HUGE. And there are a lot of different ways to profit. All I can do is share my experience.

But in the last four years, I managed to grow my account passed $1 million in trading profits. And it’s all thanks to this process … 

Trading Process

The process is the same for every stock.

And honestly, it took me a while to learn. But the returns are greater than anything I could have imagined.

Anyone looking for overnight success: Keep looking.

Profits come to those with determination.

Think about it … The job that you have right now. Did they plop you down in your position and expect you to have it all figured out? Of course not.

There’s a certain way that the business is run. To be an effective employee worth paying, you’ve got to follow certain rules.

The stock market is the same way.

If you don’t know the rules, you’re destined to fail.

Most traders lose because the market is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to apply to trade stocks. You just open a brokerage account and start throwing money in.

And that’s the way they like it.

The larger market takes advantage of unsuspecting traders.

“AI Weatherman” Uses Strange Forecasting System to Predict Stock Moves

They call this new tech “The AI Weatherman”

Because it can forecast the future moves of stocks like a weatherman would predict weather…

…With downright scary accuracy…

How does it do it?

Well, it’s all thanks to a unique stock scoring system unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…

But my process protects against that … 

I can’t take credit for it. I used to be a clueless trader until I met Tim Sykes.

Four years ago he already built a cohort of millionaire students. Now there are over 30, and I’m one of them.

Here’s the key to this process … 

Human Psychology

The process is always the same because human beings are predictable. Especially during times of stress.

Like when someone has their kid’s college fund tied up in a volatile penny stock. That happens more often than you’d like to think.

Tim Sykes discovered this process over 20 years ago and it still hasn’t changed.

Like I said, it took me a while to learn the whole thing. But … I started before there were daily live streams.

Sykes and his students hold live streams every trading day to outline the hottest opportunities.

If you’re interested in this niche, sign up for the next livestream.

Reading one email newsletter holds a fraction of the value of a live stream.

There are real dangers and real opportunities in the market.

Make sure you’re prepared for both.

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