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by | Oct 10, 2023 | Trading Lessons

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

There’s a new catalyst in the market.

And it’s creating some of the hottest small-account opportunities we’ve seen in a while … 

My top example is Hub Cyber Security Ltd. (NASDAQ: HUBC). The stock launched over 240% on Monday.

Some people may not have heard: Over the weekend, militants from Hamas invaded Israel. Israel promptly declared war, and it’s fueling market opportunities.

Regrettably, we saw similar opportunities when Russia Invaded Ukraine in February of 2022.

It’s never my intention to promote fear, and my heart goes out to anyone affected by this conflict.

At the same time: Every day I show up ready to pull profits from the market.

Fear and greed move stocks. And during times of global conflict, fear is high.

HUBC isn’t the only stock moving. If you want to understand this catalyst fully, keep reading … 

Huge Market Catalyst

We’ve seen warfare push stock prices up before.

When Russia Invaded Ukraine there was a spike from oil & gas stocks and security stocks.

HUBC is a big spiker right now. And another example of an Israeli stock that’s running is ParaZero Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: PRZO).

  • HUBC is an Israeli cyber security company.
  • PRZO is an Israeli drone company.

In addition to their sector, both stocks have a float below 10 million shares. That low supply of shares helps to spike the price higher when demand increases, it’s a law of supply and demand.

While discussing these opportunities, it’s imperative you understand two key aspects … 

1. Don’t Overstay

These are penny stocks.

The volatility can produce immense profit opportunities. But due to the company’s financials, don’t expect the spike to last very long.

With that said, certain plays can run for days and weeks, and the safest way to profit is to rely on the most popular patterns.

There are a few different strategies we use, but it always depends on what the chart looks like.

By the time you read this, HUBC and PRZO will look different.

To use the strongest patterns at the right time, tune in for a trading livestream.

  • Professional traders build watchlists and outline key setups in real-time. See how it works firsthand.

Recognize the volatility, and play the hottest strategies. That’s the key to my success as a trader.

2. Don’t Assume Bullish Volatility

Notice I said, “Recognize the volatility”.

I’m watching two spikers that have ties to Israel. But I’m not buying shares of every Israeli penny stock.

That would tie up too much capital. And there’s no guarantee any of them will spike. Instead, focus on the most volatile tickers in the market: Stocks that spike more than 20% intraday.

HUBC spiked 240%. There’s more than enough room to recognize the volatility and plan a trade.

“AI Weatherman” Uses Strange Forecasting System to Predict Stock Moves

They call this new tech “The AI Weatherman”

Because it can forecast the future moves of stocks like a weatherman would predict weather…

…With downright scary accuracy…

How does it do it?

Well, it’s all thanks to a unique stock scoring system unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…

We don’t have to catch the whole move. Just a good chunk of the middle.

More stocks to watch: Volatile oil stocks.

Hamas is a close ally of Iran. And Iran is a huge supplier of oil.

We’ve already seen oil prices rise as a result of the conflict. If you need any historical evidence of this trend … Look at a StocksToTrade chart of Houston American Energy Corporation (AMEX: HUSA) after Russia invaded Ukraine.

There are huge profit opportunities for small-account traders who notice the trends in this market.

But remember: Wait for the stocks to come to you.

We’re not gambling. We’re trading.

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