Monday Opportunities

by | Oct 8, 2023 | Watchlists

Howdy traders, it’s Matt here.

It’s almost that time … 

There are profit opportunities right around the corner.

I get excited for Mondays. Because I love the market.

  • There’s always something crazy going on.
  • It keeps me engaged with the global news.
  • There are insane profit opportunities.

My hunch is that you have an interest as well.

And in that case, I feel obligated to share some valuable information.

I’m a bit of a veteran in the industry at this point. Tim Sykes showed me how to trade, and over the last 4 years, I’ve profited $1.9 million from trading stocks.

As I see it, there are 3 main actions to take on Monday.

Let’s get into it … 

3 Ways To Succeed

Most new traders have to curb their expectations at the beginning.

Let’s face it. You won’t make $1 million on Monday.

The key to consistent profits is a disciplined strategy.

When it comes down to it … 

  • We want to profit off the best plays.
  • We don’t want to lose too much.

And when the bell rings at 9:30 A.M. Eastern on Monday morning, there are 3 ways to succeed.

#1: Calculated Profits

If there’s a stock … 

  • That’s spiking more than 20%
  • With hot news
  • A float below 10 million shares
  • And a trading volume above 1 million shares

The goal is to follow the chart like a hunter follows its prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

We plan a trade that allows us to buy above the support level with risk in mind. Then, ideally, the price follows our trade plan and we take profits without getting greedy.

#2: Calculated Losses

Every trader loses sooner or later.

There’s no such thing as a perfect track record.

Any play can fail.

We focus on the best plays to give ourselves the best chance at profits, but it’s always possible the chart falls apart.

In that case, it’s essential we have enough discipline to cut the loss. That’s why we buy shares above support and trade with risk in mind.

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The setups we trade CAN offer a higher reward compared to the risk IF we have enough discipline to follow the rules.

If you take a small loss on Monday, pat yourself on the back.

It could have been a full account blow-up. A small loss is right on track.

#3: No Trade

The S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) put in a major bounce on Friday.

Usually that leads to bullish volatility in our niche.

But it’s not a 100% guarantee.

And even if there are spikers on Monday, it’s imperative you trade setups that work for YOU. Maybe the spikes won’t fit your patterns.

There are a lot of ways to profit in the market. But if I don’t see a setup that works for me, I’ll sit on my hands.

Ending the day break even is a win.

Most traders lose. If I end the day without a loss while watching the market … That’s all part of the plan.

But the issue for a lot of new traders is that they don’t know the difference between a solid setup and a volatile mess.

You need experience to identify which plays are working. And the best way to gain experience is through trading live streams.

Millionaire traders share their screens while analyzing the market. New traders can gain experience without market exposure.

If you’re interested in this niche … Join the next livestream.

Monday is coming fast … 

Make sure you’re prepared.

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