It’s Too Easy …

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Trading Lessons

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

There’s a specific pattern we follow for profits right now.

At least … any trader that’s interested in profits.

Here’s what I mean: This week already we’ve seen 4 HUGE spikes. And they’re all related. On Monday … 

  • RNAZ spiked 380%.
  • VACC spiked 260%.
  • BPTS spiked 110%.
  • AVTX spiked 40%.

And that was just Monday … 

New traders see those kinds of numbers and start to get the itch to throw down a couple hundred.

Woah there Hoss, hold your horses.

There are real risks when it comes to trading volatile spikers like this. That’s why we use patterns.

Thanks to certain commonalities, we can pinpoint when and where the next opportunities are.

Here’s what you need to know … 

Sector Momentum

At different times in the market, different sectors will experience different levels of volatility.

But the similarity is the strength across a single sector.

For example … the 4 stocks that spiked yesterday, they’re all biotech stocks.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Let’s buy the best biotech stocks right now.”


Are you going to sift through online articles for the best picks? Are you going to dive deep into the fundamentals and theorize about the larger path of the market? You’re on the wrong track.

Actually, we want the worst biotech stocks.

The biggest spikers in the market are … 

  • Low-priced penny stock
  • With recent news
  • With a low-float (below 10 million shares)
  • In a hot sector

Biotech stocks have been hot all year. And Monday’s 4 spikers are a sign the momentum will continue.

How To Find More

Monday’s spikers will likely offer more opportunities to profit.

You should definitely add them to your watchlist.

But you can’t trade those 4 stocks for the rest of your career. These spikes don’t last forever. Eventually, they’ll crash back down.

Since we understand the reality behind these spikes, we can effectively profit from them while trading with risk in mind.

We’re looking for more stocks that fit the checklist I already shared … 

It also helps if the stock has a history of spiking. But finding the right stocks is only half of the battle. We also have to trade them. Thankfully there are patterns for that too.

Volatile stocks can follow popular patterns because people are predictable during times of high stress. Also, a good amount of savvy traders know about these patterns. That contributes to their self-fulfilling nature.

Every stock is different, but the patterns manifest in each one.

It’s an inexact science. And that’s why experience is key.

For new traders, experience can be costly. Every lesson learned is a mistake made in the market. That’s why I advise people to join one of our live trading sessions.

The live stream allows people to gain market experience without any account exposure.

There are webinars all day. Depending on when you read this … 

Check the stream schedule.

You can keep watching YouTube videos posted hours after they’re filmed, or you can prepare for the hottest plays in real time.

Keep an eye out for more biotech stocks.

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