End Of Week Volatility

by | Sep 23, 2023

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

The hottest stocks from last week are listed below … 

  • Avinger Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGR)
  • MSP Recovery Inc. (NASDAQ: LIFW)
  • Cheche Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CCG)

And one of the hottest days of the market is bearing down upon us.

There are huge opportunities to profit on Mondays.

For example, last Monday, CCG spiked 1600%!

Over 1600% intraday!

I’m still watching the 3 stocks above. But I’m most excited for a different one.

Keep reading for all the details … 

Monday’s Hottest Runner

I can’t tell the future.

I’m not gambling on a certain stock to spike. There’s a systematic process that I follow for profits.

It involves waiting for the hottest stocks to spike.

I know you’ve tried to find the next big runner. Everybody has. You look at the fundamentals and you pay attention to the sector. You’re taking notes — You’ve got spreadsheets trying to pinpoint the next supernova.

Just thinking about it … I’m exhausted.

I gave that up when I found Sykes. It’s a good thing too. I was going nowhere fast.

Instead of betting on which stock will be the next spiker … 

Wait for a stock to spike — Then play the resulting volatility with popular patterns and risk management.

On Monday morning, I’m waiting for a huge spike to show up on my scanner.

It might be from one of the 3 hottest stocks last week … But it’s also possible we see a first-green-day spike from a low-float stock that shows us a perfect dip and rip.

That was a lot of information. And all of it was important.

To succeed in the market, it’s essential traders understand certain aspects, nuances, and vocabulary. To a new trader, all of this can seem daunting.

It was for me.

That’s why most traders fail.

When I found Sykes it was like all of the puzzle pieces started to come together.

Stop trying to ‘lone wolf’ the market. It doesn’t end well. And besides, there are perfect opportunities to watch professional traders operate LIVE.

Tim Sykes holds live trading sessions all week.

Here’s the link.

Make sure you tune in before the bell rings at 9:30 A.M. Eastern.

That’s when the volatility kicks in, and we’re off to the races.