When To Trade

by | Sep 17, 2023


Howdy traders, it’s Matt here.

You don’t have to commit your whole day to stock trading.

Take a look at most of my trades. Some only last a few minutes.

And the hottest times to trade are in the morning and in the afternoon. Just pick a time slot that works for you and commit to watching the price action.

If you had paid attention Friday you could have snagged either half of MSP Recovery Inc. (NASDAQ: LIFW).

It spiked 360% on Friday. There was a morning opportunity and an afternoon opportunity.

If you missed it: The next hottest trading day is right around the corner.

That’s right … Mondays are notoriously volatile.

I have 2 key inputs to help you tomorrow.

Take them or leave them, but advice from millionaire stock traders is what helped me grow to become the same.

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#1: Be Picky

We only want the best stocks.

Sometimes when the market is slow it’s easy to let the intrusive thoughts win: 

“This could be a good trade. I’ll just put a few shares in and see what happens.”


If there aren’t any good setups, sit on your hands.

Protect your account at all costs. Every trade plan should include a potential profit AND loss. Even the best setups fail sometimes. But if we cut losses quickly, the math is on our side.

Monday morning there will likely be profit opportunities, but it’s not a guarantee.

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#2: Your Education Level

Some of you are ready to go and make a trade tomorrow.

But my hunch is … most of you aren’t. 90% of traders fail.

But there IS a process for profits. Tim Sykes showed it to me a few years ago. Now I’m approaching $2 million in trading profits.

There are a lot of things you could do:

  • Read books
  • Sign up for in-person classes
  • Go to school for finance

But by far, the best path to profits for small-account traders is to watch other professional traders. That’s what helped me the most.

In live-trade sessions, there are professionals who share their screens while the market is open. That way we’re able to gain experience without actually trading with our own money.

And luckily, there are still a few sessions before the market opens on Monday.

  • Add key stocks to your watchlist
  • Look at the best trade setups
  • Ask questions in real time

>> Here’s the link for the next live trade session! <<

This coming week there will be winners and losers.

Which one are you?