The Biggest Opportunity This Week

by | Aug 27, 2023

Howdy traders, it’s Matt here.

There’s a huge opportunity this week.

And it’s not what you think … 

Monday is a hot day for volatile stocks. And you should be glued to your scanner tomorrow morning.

But this week’s biggest opportunity is actually on August 31 … a Thursday.

I’m telling you about it today so that you’re prepared.

A lot of people miss a few of these emails. I have to make sure the bases are covered.

Mark your calendar for this Thursday.

There’s an opportunity you need to have eyes on.

I’ll explain everything … 

The Hottest Niche

The days of your father’s pension fund are over.

These days, financial security comes from careful decisions in the stock market.

If you’re looking to make money, there are a few different avenues you could take.

Investing is a fair option.

Wall Street wants to make money. If you give them your money there’s a good chance they’ll keep running the wheel and making money for the both of you.

But what does that give you? Like 10% return on the year?

I’m looking for 10% in a day.

And that’s only possible among low-priced plays that have a huge upside.

Yeah, Wall Street makes a lot of money. But you gotta have a lot of money to make a lot. With my niche, you can start out with $100 if you want.

And the trading opportunities right now are NEXT LEVEL.

In fact, there’s a Wall Street insider who straight-up quit. Turned his back on the niche and switched to ours.

Because the potential returns for individual traders in this niche outweigh potential individual returns among mutual funds and other traditional investment vehicles.

That’s a fact.

I learned to trade from Tim Sykes. But this guy from Wall Street has a really interesting strategy too.

He says it happens every single day at 3 PM Eastern.

It makes a lot of sense because the final hour of the regular trading day is one of the hottest times.

And he’s going to share the daily strategy he uses to profit LIVE on August 31 at 8 PM Eastern.

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He completely switched his niche for this strategy … 

This guy has insider information you need to hear.

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