Monday Opportunities

by | Aug 26, 2023

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

Happy Saturday, those looking to get ahead of Monday’s trades … 

You’re in the right spot!

Unfortunately, Friday didn’t give us much to work with.

Usually, I’m watching the hottest runners from the week before. But on Friday Powell reiterated the FED is committed to controlling inflation no matter the cost.

And after NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) announced earnings on Wednesday, the market fell. It was a classic ‘buy the rumor sell the news’ scenario. A strong earnings report was already priced in.

And thus … last week ended a bit ugly for major indices.

But I’m not worried.

Monday is one of the hottest days to trade. And some of the best spikes come right after a market selloff.

Some people call it a bear-market bounce.

We’re not necessarily in a bear market, but there’s an opportunity for a bounce after the weakness last week.

Here’s everything I’m watching on Monday … 

Top Plays

I always think in terms of sectors.

Which sectors are hot?

The hottest sectors are going to give me the strongest plays. And we only want to trade the strongest plays.

This isn’t the time to gamble … there’s real money at stake.

The NVDA earnings sort of blew up in everyone’s face. But on paper, the earnings smashed expectations. It was a home-run hit.

That points to a strong AI sector.

I’m also watching for more biotechs. That sector’s been hot for months now.

One other sector to consider … IPOs and SPACs.

There’s a recent IPO that ripped last week. It’s called VinFast Auto Ltd. (NASDAQ: VFS).

The price spiked more than 370%.

It’s currently trading over $60, which is a bit out of my price range. But a strong runner like that can lead to sympathy plays.

VFS was a recent IPO. If there’s a low-float IPO moving on Monday … I’ll start looking for a trade.

In summary, here are the three sectors to watch … 

  • AI
  • Biotech

And make sure the float is under 10 million shares.

Top Strategy

Since there weren’t many strong runners on Friday … I’m mainly focused on the first-green-day strategy.

The full pattern is in my video below … 

But I know every trader is different.

Maybe the first-green-day pattern doesn’t speak to you. No problem.

There are a lot of patterns out there … 

For example, there’s a Wall Street exec who recently turned his back on the industry. Now he’s focused on cheap plays in our niche.

On August 31 he’s going to share the daily strategy he uses to profit.

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