I Was Right …

by | Aug 24, 2023

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

I told everyone to watch out this week … 

I said NVIDIA Corporation (NYSE: NVDA) is announcing earnings on Wednesday. It’s the top AI stock in the sector. Tensions are high. Everyone’s looking to make a profit.

And look what happened Wednesday morning … 

A tiny little penny stock announced some AI news and the price spiked +140%.

I know exactly what you’re thinking.

“Is it too late to get in? I should have listened to Bryce! Just tell me what to do!!”

Don’t worry … the float is ultra-low. That means this thing could keep spiking.

Here’s what to look for … 

VCI Global Limited (NASDAQ: VCIG)

It checked all the boxes … 

  • 2 million share float (Below 10 million = low share supply)
  • AI news (Microsoft AI platform collaboration)
  • Spiked +80% in premarket (Above 20% is our goal)
  • Trading volume of +60 million shares (Float rotation)
  • History of spiking (Past spikers can spike again)

It seems like a long list to look for.

But the more experience you have in the market, the more this becomes second nature.

We’re looking for the best plays. And the stocks that can satisfy this checklist are considered solid trade setups.

But finding the ticker is only half of the equation … 

Now you’re watching VCIG. But what are you going to do with it? It’s a highly volatile stock and we don’t even know if it will keep spiking.

The Next Trillion Dollar Chipmaker After NVDA (Not AI)

Is this little known chipmaker the next NVDA?

It has nothing to do with AI, but this company’s patented chip could generate NVDA sized gains in the coming months…

Companies like Microsoft, Intel, and Google are all quietly racing to be at the forefront of this new phenomenon…

But unfortunately for them…

This one small company holds the key to this revolution…

That’s where trading patterns come into play!

Volatile stocks will sometimes fit specific patterns that form based on human psychology.

Let me explain … 

Everyone wants to make money, there’s a lot of money involved in these volatile stocks, and people behave predictably in those situations.

Thus, the emergence of trading patterns.

Key Patterns

Depending on when you read this letter, the price action will be different and the stock will be at a different stage in the spike.

I want to help you the best I can but without us looking at the same screen in real time… I can only do so much.

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