The Next Move For AI

by | Jun 27, 2024

Hey traders, it’s Bryce here.

The global usage of AI in 2024 has already revealed an important hurdle for the industry as a whole.

We need more energy to sustain AI.

See the headline below:


That’s why famous CEOs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Sam Altman are avidly searching for more efficient energy sources.

See the headlines below:


As a direct result:

This is the next BIG move toward AI-energy production.

We’re already seeing certain energy stocks spike as a result. In June, we watched a nuclear stock launch 500%*!

And this sector momentum has only just begun … 

AI-Energy Stocks

For the last few months, microchip supplier NVIDIA Corporation (NYSE: NVDA) is the first stock that people think of with relation to AI.

But that’s about to change …

I’m not bearish on NVDA, lol. It’s just that recently, a new sector has grown to chief importance with respect to AI market-trade opportunities.

NVDA was in the spotlight for months due to the demand for high-processing microchips. But now, energy is our main concern. And one of the most popular solutions for major market players seems to be embracing nuclear energy.

One of the biggest names right now for small-cap stocks in this market is Nano Nuclear Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: NNE). The stock spiked 500%* in June. And judging by the recent consolidation, this spike could continue!

Take a look at the multi-day chart below with the support line drawn in at $22. Every candle represents one trading minute:

NNE chart multi-day, 1-minute candles Source: StocksToTrade

Keep an eye on this multi-day runner! It could surge to new highs any day!

And we can use StocksToTrade’s scanning tool to sift through bullish energy stocks in the market.

There are already traders BANKING off of these energy runners. See the post on X below:


Don’t miss your chance to get in before this sector goes supernova!


Bryce Tuohey


*Past performance does not indicate future results