NVDA Split – Trade Opportunities

by | Jun 9, 2024

Hey traders, it’s Matt here.

On Monday morning, NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) will start trading after its 10 for 1 stock split.

On Friday, NVDA share prices were trading above $1,200 each. Using that number, on Monday after the dilution, the shares would be worth $120 each.

Currently, NVDA is battling with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) for total valuation in the U.S. market.

Its meteoric rise in popularity is a direct result of the astronomical demand for high-processing microchips amid the AI revolution.

But until now, an individual share of NVDA was too expensive for small-account traders.

The NVDA stock split theoretically opens the door for small-account traders to build positions on one of the most valuable stocks in the market!

Don’t lose your head … There ARE profit opportunities for savvy traders this week as a direct result of NVDA’s stock split. Let’s break it down:

NVDA Opportunities

The way I see it, there are three main ways to play this volatility.

1.Buy shares for the long term and maybe the price surges higher.

  • Investments are NOT my strong suit. This is not investment advice. I’m just here to trade volatility. But there’s a case to be made for cheap NVDA shares in the middle of an insane 2024 market fueled by AI momentum. Anyone who couldn’t afford a position before … This is an opportunity to get in with lower share prices.

2. Play the intraday volatility using support and resistance.

3. Focus on other AI stocks surging alongside the NVDA volatility.

  • We’ve already seen massive AI spikes in 2024 among small-cap stocks. And the NVDA volatility this week is likely to spill over into our niche.

I have a small-cap AI watchlist ready and waiting for Monday’s volatility:

  • AEye Inc. (NASDAQ: LIDR)
    • Trading under $5 with a 320%* AI-related spike in May.
  • OneMedNet Corp (NASDAQ: ONMD)
    • Trading under $3 with a 580%* AI-related spike in May.
  • Brand Engagement Network Inc. (NASDAQ: BNAI)
    • Trading under $5 with a 620%* AI-related spike in May.

All three of these stocks are still holding some gains from their earlier spikes in May. That’s a hint that the shares could spike higher.

Only Have 1 Hour to Trade a Day?

Bryce Tuohey is using a strategy where he’s done trading by 10:15am. 

And here’s just some of his recent wins: 60.78% gain at 9:32 am, 52.17% gain at 9:39 am, 60.0% gain at 9:30 am, 166.67% gain at 9:38 am.

He’s making most of his trades within an unusual 15-minute “sweet spot” each morning.

Pay attention to the price action on Monday.

We’re not buying shares at random!

These small-cap AI stocks are volatile. And it’s possible for an inexperienced trader to get stuck on the wrong side.

Follow along LIVE this week as we track the markets hottest stocks!


Matt Monaco


*Past performance does not indicate future results