Today’s Profit Opportunity

by | Jun 4, 2024

Hey traders, it’s Bryce here.

There’s an opportunity for small-account traders to profit every day!

And during this 2024 market, the plays are bigger than usual …

Already this week, on Monday, we watched a medical-equipment stock spike 130%* before noon. And it followed our trading framework perfectly.

Most importantly: It announced an obvious catalyst that resulted in a massive stock surge.

We only want to trade stocks that have a catalyst, a reason to spike higher.

On Monday morning, this stock announced that it received FDA approval to proceed with the human trial of its robotic surgical system.

FDA approval is a HUGE bullish catalyst for these low-priced stocks.

These companies don’t announce bullish news very often. So, when they get a catalyst like FDA approval … The resulting stock move can be intense.

It’s possible that Monday’s 130%* spike is just the beginning … We’ve seen a lot of +1,000%* runners in 2024 already. This market environment is conducive to big stock spikes!

Here’s how traders can capitalize:

Microbot Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: MBOT)

Now, before you get ahead of yourself … This stock spike is unsustainable.

Don’t buy and hold shares at random! That’s not a viable trading strategy. Those who take random positions will get random results. 

These stocks offer amazing opportunities to profit. Don’t throw away the opportunities with careless trading.

The first few trade setups on MBOT were AWESOME. But you’re hard pressed to find a savvy trader who’s still holding shares. Instead, we’re tracking the price action and waiting for the next profitable setup.

Traders in our community got an alert right after the news came out and the price started to spike.

Take a look at the trade notification overlaid on the MBOT chart below, every candle represents one trading minute:

MBOT chart intraday, 1-minute candles Source: StocksToTrade

>> Here’s where we find the Breaking News trade alerts <<

The notification came during premarket hours.

Traders who saw the alert had all morning to take a percentage of the move.

Take a look below at some of the trade opportunities from Monday morning. I drew some key setups on another MBOT chart:

MBOT chart intraday, 1-minute candles Source: StocksToTrade

Remember, we’re not buying at these levels and then holding indefinitely. We want to sell the shares into strength.

And if the trade starts to fall apart, we have a key level to sell at before things get too dicey.

This is the framework that we use to trade.

Pay attention to the key levels of the framework, it’s how we mitigate the risk involved with trading.

MBOT Opportunities This Week

It’s possible the price continues to surge throughout the week.

  • The stock showed a lot of strength on day one.
  • The catalyst is strong.
  • The float is close to 10 million shares.
    • A low float (supply of shares) helps the price spike higher when demand increases. We aim for stocks with 10 million shares or less in the float.
  • Biotech stocks are hot in 2024.

There’s now way of knowing for sure whether the stock will spike higher … That’s why the trading framework is so important. It helps us track the price action and prepare for potential price moves.

For example: We had no way of knowing that MBOT would spike on Monday.

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But I’m not leaving. In fact, I’m doubling down. Not just on Tesla…

But on 5 “silent partner” stocks set to piggyback on Tesla’s moonshot.

Most people didn’t expect Tesla’s 41% spike, but just wait until you see what happens next.

But when the price started to move and we got the trade alert, there were key moments when the stock followed popular price action.

  • Today, maybe MBOT will follow our patterns again.
  • Maybe it will be a different hot stock that’s spiking higher …

The patterns that we trade are always the same. It’s the stocks that change.

Learn the patterns, and a trader can apply them to any stock that’s spiking in the market. That’s how I built my account past $1 million in profits … 

It took me more than 5,000 trades, using the same patterns over and over again.

Until eventually … I was a millionaire.

Take it one trade at a time.

Pay attention this week! There are more profit opportunities right around the corner.


Bryce Tuohey



*Past performance does not indicate future results