One Down …

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Market Lessons

Hey traders, it’s Bryce here.

Welcome to another week full of profit opportunities for small-account traders!

On Monday we watched Gorilla Technology Group Inc. (NASDAQ: GRRR) spike 130%.

And that was just day one.

Last week there was a spiker every single day.

In case you forgot, take a look at Saturday’s recap blog post.

We’re off to a strong start already. Make sure you pay attention. Don’t miss this week’s profit opportunities!

I’m doing my part. Every week I bring you the hottest stocks in the market.

But I can’t trade for you.

Sooner or later you’ll have to put in the effort to succeed. Take my advice: Start it sooner. I don’t know how long this momentum will last.

The 2024 market is red hot.

  • The tech sector is booming.
  • Major indices are making new highs.
  • The job market is strong.
  • U.S. consumers show resilience.

Just take a look at the S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) over the last few months.

SPY chart multi-month, 1-day candles Source: StocksToTrade

We’re flying higher!

And when the larger market is hot, there are more profit opportunities among small-cap stocks.

The momentum trickles down. Don’t miss out.

The Next Spike

It all comes down to the news.

We only focus on stocks that have a recent news catalyst capable of propelling the price higher.

Take a look at the chart of GRRR below. Right after the news came out, prices started to spike.

GRRR chart 1-day, 2-minute candles Source: StocksTTrade

There are thousands of stocks spiking every single day.

Don’t waste time on the crappy plays!

  1. You’re more likely to lose money.
  2. You might miss the best trade of the day.

If there’s a stock spiking and you don’t know why: Leave it alone.

Notice, I only mentioned GRRR from Monday.

This “Loophole” is So Powerful

There’s a renegade day trader who discovered a powerful “weekend loophole” in the stock market.

It allows him to place trades on Friday afternoon…

And open up his laptop on Monday to potential green.

He’s used this “loophole” to make $8,780, $9,177, and even $69,962 all over the weekend.

And he claims with the right amount of hard work and dedication, ANYONE can learn how to use it too…

It’s not like there are 50 spikers every day worth watching. We wait with our accounts in cash until we see the perfect setup. Then we trade like a sniper.

That’s how we mitigate exposure and market risk.

Keep an eye out for the best news moving stocks today.

If you have trouble, check the Breaking News scan. This tool is designed to find the market’s hottest spikers as long as they also have a bullish news catalyst.

I’m not watching my screen all day. I just pay attention when there’s a perfect play to make.


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