BIG Opportunities This Week

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Market Lessons

Hey traders, it’s Bryce here.

Welcome to a short trading week!

Markets were closed on Monday, January 15 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

That means we’ve got an extra-volatile week ahead.

Short trading weeks can lead to larger profit opportunities.

There’s less time to trade, but market players are still trying to pull out maximum gains. That invites A LOT of hype.

If you thought last week was nuts … just wait. I expect we’ll see another move today that rivals Friday’s biggest spiker.

Applied UV Inc. (NASDAQ: AUVI) gapped up on Friday morning after announcing news at 7 A.M. Eastern. The company successfully launched a patented system that improves energy efficiency. And the report highlighted specific profit opportunities as a result.

The price traded sideways most of the day, consolidating around $3. Volatile stocks that consolidate are hinting that the price could spike further.

Especially when they have a tiny share supply like AUVI’s float of only 1 million shares.

This was a perfect play. My mentor, Tim Sykes, was sending tweets last week with AUVI updates. It was the only stock to watch!

This momentum can continue today.

I’ll show you how to get in front of these runners. You don’t want to miss moves like AUVI. They could quite literally change your account.

Here’s how to catch the next opportunity … 

Tuesday Morning Runners

There’s a specific process that we follow for profits in the market.

Sykes developed this process over two decades ago. All these years later, he still uses it to profit. And he’s not the only one.

So far, Sykes has over 30 millionaire students. We all use Sykes’ process to profit.

And when the market opens today, we’re looking for the same stock movements.

Here’s the main idea behind our strategy: Volatile stocks can follow specific patterns.

These patterns continue to manifest in the market because human beings are predictable.

Most traders behave predictably when they see a stock spiking +100% intraday. Greed and fear are predictable emotions. Unfortunately, 90% of traders lose … 

Every week there’s a flock of traders trying to profit off of the market’s biggest runners. But they’re on the wrong side of the coin. They lose because they don’t understand the patterns that rule this niche.

With Sykes’ help, I taught myself the strategies. Want to know how long it took me to learn this skill?

At least a year. But the process is a lot easier now … 

I spent hours pouring over stock charts. I watched and rewatched Sykes’ live streams. I tracked the trades of Sykes’ other successful students. And finally, everything started to click.

But it would have been a lot easier if I started trading this week. Specifically, on January 18.

The Biggest Trading Opportunity Of 2024

I can’t speak for the rest of the year … anything can happen in the market.

But from a small-account perspective, the biggest opportunity of 2024 thus far is right around the corner.

Every year, day trading becomes more accessible for middle and low-income individuals.

  • Faster internet.
  • Free online resources.
  • Greater industry transparency.
  • Trading algorithms.

But 2023 brought something new: Artificial intelligence.

When AI burst on the scene, I knew Sykes would find a way to leverage the technology for his students.

Over the years he continues to improve teaching resources.

  • Weekly watchlists.
  • The StocksToTrade platform.
  • Trading Livestreams.
  • Real-time trade alerts.

But AI is something completely new.

This tool can recognize and point out trade setups as if Sykes himself were sitting right next to me.

At this point … I don’t need Sykes’ instruction. I already learned the trading process.

But when his tool goes live on Thursday, there WILL be traders using it to find the market’s hottest setups. New traders just like you.

Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s easier than ever to pick up this process. Reserve your spot for Thursday’s AI event.

This thing is going to hit the market with full force … 

You’re in the right place at the right time. Now it’s time to capitalize.

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