Top Strategy

by | May 18, 2023

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

At first, the market can seem overwhelming.

That’s how it felt for me.

There were stocks ripping all over the place. And all I wanted to do was profit.

But I learned it takes a decent amount of restraint to succeed … 

There are a bunch of different ways traders profit from these moves. In the beginning, I wanted to play every angle.

But I got confused and overwhelmed.

Here’s what I discovered … 

It’s easier to learn one pattern at a time and scale up over time.

The stock market isn’t going anywhere. I started years ago and I’m still trading some of the same patterns.

I’ve got the perfect strategy for you to focus on.

And there’s still enough time to get acquainted before the key trading day … 

Friday Pattern

There are huge opportunities throughout the week.

Like yesterday’s spike from Immutep Limited (NASDAQ: IMMP). It launched over 100% intraday with lung cancer news.

But Fridays are historically volatile.

It makes the trading day unique in that regard.

Which means … the stocks tend to move a little differently.

The spikes can be much bigger. But it takes a special approach to capitalize.

Sykes has a special Friday strategy and that’s where I’d start if I were you.

Use today to study the format. And by the market open tomorrow, you’ll be ready to search for a juicy opportunity.

It’s always possible there isn’t a trade setup.

But don’t you see … that’s the beauty of the pattern. If I don’t see a chart I like, it’s a warning to stay out.

That way I can sit safely in cash.

Good luck this Friday … 

I’ll see you in the next letter.