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by | May 13, 2023 | Watchlists

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

Happy Saturday!

80% of success is just showing up … 

And I’m glad you showed up for this newsletter, we’ve got a massive spiker to unpack.

This ticker ran over 200% on Friday and will likely continue its volatility on Monday morning.

And it’s possible we see copycat plays try to mimic the move.

It’s all in today’s letter.

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Past Spikers … 

As my mentor Tim Sykes always says, past spikers can spike again.

That’s why we keep watchlists full of past runners.

You never know when one’s going to wake up again.

And when it comes to big runners on a single-day spike … I always keep tabs on the next few days in case the volatility continues.

Friday’s big runner was GSI Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: GSIT).

It’s a semiconductor play that spiked in the morning, consolidated, spiked mid-day, and then spiked again into the close.

Here’s a chart … 

Something to be aware of as the market opens on Monday … keep an eye on GSIT but also watch for any sympathy plays.

The semiconductor sector has been hot in the past and this spike could be a hint at its revival.

Look for low-float stocks in the same industry. That’s where we’ll see the most action if there is any.

I’ll see you in the next letter.

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