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by | Sep 27, 2022 | Trading Lessons

Howdy, traders. It’s Bryce here today.

Did the markets pull a rug out from under you yesterday? I mean, they looked ready to take us into the green zone in the morning session, but then…nope. 

They caved. We’ve seen that happen before. So how do you trade on a rollercoaster kind of day? 

Are there even strategies that apply to every trading condition? Yes, there definitely are. 

Here are three game-changing stock tips I use whenever I sit down to trade. Learn them before the next time you open your laptop. 

Use These Three Strategies The Next Time You Trade

These are very practical steps that should be on every pro trader’s checklist:

#1 How To Find A Great Support Level

Finding an accurate support level is a fundamental play. Without it, even if you get in at a good price, and know your target, you won’t be able to identify your safety net. 

That being said, support levels are subjective. So I might be in the same trade as you, but because we have different risk levels, it means we’ll have different support levels.

Are you familiar with this trading “loophole?”

Are you familiar with the “loophole” that helps small accounts grow exponentially?

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And this strategy works regardless of whether the markets are up OR down…

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I personally like to find a dip intraday, with a lot of volume on the recovery. That reassures me that it’s on its way back up. 

#2 Know Your Float

Float is one of the most important pieces of information I consider. It’s the number of publicly available traded shares. 

The whole number of shares outstanding, some of them are usually occupied by institutions. Only a portion of them get released to the public. 

So it’s important to know the real number of available shares because it will definitely impact how quickly or how slowly your stock moves. The smaller the float, the more volatile the stock. 

#3 Don’t Turn A Day Trade Into A Swing Trade

Don’t try to turn your day trades into swing trades. It’s like marrying someone you’ve only met once. Don’t do it. Not even if you happen to be in Vegas.

But how do you know if you should hold a stock overnight or not? For one thing, if it didn’t close near its high of the day, and with high volume, then it’s definitely a sell before the close situation!

The only time to hold a trade longer is when the markets are staying on an overall green trajectory. In red markets, make sure you’re in cash by the end of the day!


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