This Week’s Biggest Opportunity…

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Announcements

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

We talk a lot about Friday volatility … but this Friday is a little different … 

We’ll still have the same bullish sentiment.

Remember that short positions tend to buy back shares and exit positions before the closing bell on Fridays.

It’s dangerous for short sellers to hold over the weekend because some random positive news could come out and build hype for Monday’s open.

That would push prices higher, and short sellers would get stuck buying more expensive shares.

So … the result is a lot of buying on Friday. And in our niche, that can spike prices by hundreds of percentage points.

The reason why this Friday is different … There’s a very unique opportunity for new traders.

You don’t need a very large account, you don’t need any experience.

Let me explain … 

The Moment It Clicked

I’m officially one of Sykes’ millionaire students.

I joined the Challenge when my buddy Matt Monaco started profiting in the market.

In the beginning, I studied a lot.

Witness the Master Algo Find Explosive Trades LIVE

(Averages 5 Winners Every Day)

RSVP for our all day LIVE algo trading session on Friday…

And witness our trading team leverage the Master Algorithm to identify the most explosive stock moves in real time… before they happen.

There was a lot I didn’t know about the market, this niche, and the reality of volatile stocks.

But things really started to click when I watched Sykes trade live.

As Challenge students, we get access to monthly live trading webinars. Sykes shows his screen while he’s trading so that we get to see the process in real-time.

But this Friday … there’s an event open to the public.

Four master traders have signed up to give live presentations all day long.

And my buddy Matt is one of them.

If you want to know how we profit, tune in while the market is open.

You’ll get to see exactly which stocks they’re trading and they’ll explain why.

And make sure to sign up quickly!

If there are too many users the system crashes. So attendance is capped to a certain number of people.

Don’t miss out … 

Here’s the link.

See you in the next letter.

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