3 Stocks for Monday

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Watchlists

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

There’s something big coming … 

Last week’s price action is just the beginning.

The markets made a stunning spike after Thursday’s inflation data.

And market analysts eagerly await the results of the midterm elections.

But in our niche, it already feels like the market made its choice. Friday was great for trading, as you’ll see in the charts I share below.

There’s a whisper of something big on the horizon as we enter peak holiday trading.

2023 is going to be nuts. And if you’re not prepared, you’ll miss out.

Don’t worry. I’m here to help and we’ve got a month and a half to prepare.

Day one starts on Monday.

Let’s get after it … 


It seems like a long way away.

But this isn’t the kind of thing we can cram for. It’s not a college final for a grade.

You either make money, or you lose it. This is very real.

I went through some of the factors in the intro. Lead Trainer Tim Bohen made a more succinct video. So if you want more info on the catalyst watch this … 

Otherwise, it’s time we prepare.

I know, there’s only so much time in a day. It’s our most precious resource. And it would take months to learn everything on your own … trust me, I’ve done it.

But there’s another way.

My college buddy and millionaire trader, Matt Monaco, sat down with Sykes to make a trading tutorial.

Trade alongside millionaire traders every day.

This is your chance to get instant access to the hottest chat room and trade alongside three 6-figure traders while using the same revolutionary trading platform they rely on every day.

It’s 30 videos. One every day for 30 days. If you start now, by 2023 you’ll be ready to go!

While your peers are stressing about the Holidays, sit back with a video a day and work toward your future.

Where will you be this time next month?

Check it out.

It’s got all the information we need to trade the hottest stocks … 

Compass Inc. Class A (NYSE: COMP)

This earnings winner beat estimates in Friday’s report.

The price spiked +80% Friday morning and consolidated the rest of the day.

Look for a spike to new highs on Monday … 

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: MACK)

The float is only 10 million shares.

It spiked last Wednesday with cancer news and the consolidation continues.

Polestar Automotive Holding UK Limited (NASDAQ: PSNY)

This EV play spiked in pre-market with news.

I wasn’t too keen on trading it because the float is pretty high.

But after a day of consolidation, Monday could get exciting …

Here’s the reality of our situation.

The market provides seemingly limitless profit opportunities.

But the only way to consistently profit is by understanding the environment and preparing accordingly.

That’s what Sykes’ Bootcamp video series is about.

Trust me, your trading will never be the same.

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