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by | Nov 20, 2022 | Watchlists

Howdy traders, it’s Matt here.

I’ve got a watchlist with the three hottest tokens.

You might be thinking, “Matt, one of the largest crypto exchanges just imploded. What the heck are you talking about? Hot tokens?”

I know it sounds a little backward.

But in truth, sometimes the best times to trade are during max market panic. There’s a bunch of money moving around, people are desperate.

As you’ll see in today’s watchlist, two of the three tokens spiking are propelled by the FTX fallout.

The opportunities are out there. And if you don’t want to miss out … 

You should learn how to find these coins on your own.

What if I get sick and can’t send out a watchlist?

What if I don’t have wifi?

If you want to consistently profit from this niche, you’ve got to learn how to spot plays on your own.

And today I’ve got the solution.

Keep reading for the watchlist and the key to finding hot plays … 

How To Profit

This will clear everything up … 

To profit from trading crypto. We’ve got to trade coins that spike.

But nobody knows how high the coins will spike.

That’s why I focus on the spikers that have a catalyst. It means they have a reason to move.

Millionaire Trader and Crypto Expert Matt Monaco Believes this Could be the LAST Chance to Make this Kind of Money In Crypto…

The last time this kind of Crypto Shock happened…

100,000 new millionaires were created out of thin air.

And according to him, this is the last shock of its kind.

You still have time to get in on this opportunity and make monumental profits, but time is of the essence.

If a token goes to the moon, it’s gonna be the one with the best catalyst.

Which brings me to my first point … 

  1. If there isn’t a reason for the spike. Don’t trade it.

It’s a simple rule, but a lot of traders don’t follow it. They want to trade whatever’s moving. It’s a degenerate strategy. Rise above, my friends.

And that leaves us with the coins spiking with a catalyst.

The next logical question is … what does a good catalyst look like?

That brings me to my second point … 

2. Here are the catalysts that move tokens.

Each of the tokens on today’s watchlist has a catalyst. They’re good examples of what to look for.

If you want to become self-sufficient, click the link above.

Now let’s get to the most volatile spikers … 

Media Network (MEDIA)

This token spiked +1,600% in less than two days.

Going into November 17, 2022 the price spiked back up and it’s consolidating right now.

It seems to be some kind of decentralized media service. And considering all the drama with Twitter recently, it’s possible the volatility spilled over into certain cryptos.

Here’s the website for more research.

MEDIA chart 30-minute chart Source:

SafePal (SFP)

Ever since the FTX exchange collapse, there’s been a bullish trend for tokens that promote safe and secure transactions.

This is an example of one.

It’s a crypto wallet backed by Binance. One of the largest crypto exchanges remaining.

Prices are attempting a break out at the moment. Wait until it chooses a direction and trade the resulting price action.

SFP chart 30-minute candles Source:

Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

This is another example of volatility from the FTX fallout.

Twice now it’s been right in the name “SafePal” and “TrustWallet”.

The wallet supports tokens on the “Ethereum and Binance” blockchains.

These are obvious catalysts, and some would think maybe too obvious. But the price action speaks for itself …

TWT chart 30-minute candles Source:

That’s it for today’s watchlist.

Keep an eye out for more coins with this catalyst.

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This is a tool you’ll want in your trading toolbox. 

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