How to Find Trades When the Market Goes Red

by | Jan 25, 2022

Hey, Bryce here.

The market’s in a weird place right now. Take yesterday, for example. Almost everything was beaten down before rallying in the final hour.

It’s clear that Tim Sykes’ recent warning about market struggles is coming to fruition…

But there’s no need to fret! There are still opportunities out there. You don’t need to sit around staring at a wall until the market shores back up…

So how can you find plays as the overall markets bleed? Here’s what I’m doing…

Looking for Short Setups

I want to focus more on finding long plays. But it’s important for me to say that you can go short.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out … When the overall market tanks, a ton of stocks do down with it. 

This doesn’t mean everything is a good short setup. But they are easier to come by — and we call out the ones we’re watching in Small Cap Rockets on a daily basis.

Keep Track of Trend-Buckers

Even on a day like yesterday, there are still opportunities to go long…

The stock that intrigued me most was G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: GMVD).

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There’s no news behind this stock. But check this out — it has only had three red days in January and shows strength despite overall market weakness.

With the market being the way it is, my mindset is more scalp-oriented than usual. I’m looking to get in and out for a quick profit. 

I won’t risk staying in a stock too long, especially if the volume isn’t there to support a continued run…

GMVD ended up holding its morning run to make for a decent scalpy afternoon play as well.

GMVD 1-day chart (Source: StocksToTrade)

Don’t just throw your hands up and say everything sucks. It doesn’t! You just have to keep your eyes open and maintain some patience.

There will be opportunities to scalp, like yesterday’s GMVD play. And, as Matt wrote last week, you can find afternoon plays too.

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Stay vigilant. Stay patient. You can thrive in this market.