Daily Opportunities

by | Sep 16, 2023


Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

Last week I shared two stocks on Friday that offered HUGE trade opportunities early this week.


  • Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ: CGC) — spiked 100% by Tuesday.
  • Axcella Health Inc. (NASDAQ: AXLA) — spiked 175% between Tuesday and Wednesday.


There are daily opportunities in this niche.

Those that don’t pay attention WILL miss out. That’s just the way things work.


  • You gotta start in the morning to drink all day.
  • You gotta pay attention to the right stocks to profit.


Achievements such as these require time and commitment.

When the market opens on Monday there will be opportunities to profit. The question is whether you’re ready.

Let me break down my process into 3 easy steps … 


#1: Watch The Right Stocks

It seems obvious … But it’s more difficult than it sounds.

Any new trader understands this. I struggled with it in the beginning. It always felt like I was trading the wrong stock.

There are thousands of tickers moving in the market. But there are only a few decent trades every day.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on the hottest stocks.

And it’s why I dropped my Monday watchlist on the StocksToTrade YouTube last week … 

We’re doing live watchlists all day long. The YouTube videos are uploaded afterward. But this is the link for our live sessions.

Make sure you have eyes on the right stocks. Tune in when we build Monday’s watchlist at 6 P.M. Eastern TONIGHT.


#2: Proper Order Execution

There are multiple types of orders in the market. The two most popular are … 

  • Market order
  • Limit order

Most new traders use market orders because they don’t know any better and it’s the default.

But a market order means that the market maker can essentially enter your position at any price they’d like within the spread.

And since we trade low-priced volatile stocks, market maker discretion could mean the difference between profits and losses.

Limit orders allow us to control the price we’d like to buy or sell at.

Don’t trade with market orders.

The stock market is full of little nuances like this. Stick with me and I’ll point out all the hidden traps.


#3: Trade Plan

I don’t buy and sell stocks at random points.

This is a carefully calculated game of hunter and prey.

The stock is the prey. I’m the hunter. And I’m waiting for the perfect point to buy and sell. As I said before, these are volatile price movements.

They can be profitable if we know how to surf the price action.

But it takes a specific amount of discipline.

A lot of new traders don’t even look at the pattern of the chart. They don’t identify key support and resistance levels. They don’t even plan potential profits AND losses.

So essentially … They’re gambling.

Gamblers get eaten alive out here.

Join tonight’s live watchlist build where we point out key stocks AND the best trading patterns to use RIGHT NOW.

>> 6 P.M. Watchlist Link <<

The more time you put in, the faster this stuff will start to click.