Daily Opportunities

by | Aug 6, 2023

Howdy traders, it’s Matt here.

The great thing about our niche is … if you miss a trade one day, there’s always another opportunity right around the corner.

Whether it’s on the same stock in an hour or a completely different stock the next day.

There’s no need to get frustrated if you can’t find a play you like.

Keep studying and patiently wait to recognize key price action in the market.

I know Bryce sent out the watchlist yesterday. But I’ve got something that could help … 

I used to be where you are.

And at first, the stock market can seem daunting.

Don’t worry, there’s an answer for each of your questions and this is the place to get them answered.

This Week’s Runners

Bryce and I can keep sending out watchlists in this format … and we will because we know it helps … 

But we’re limited by the number of papers that go out a week.

The hottest stocks in the market change so frequently, one watchlist every Saturday isn’t going to cut it.

Sykes: “Prepare for takeoff on Monday at 9:30am”

If I were you, I would prepare myself for Monday at 9:30am.

What’s taking off?

That’s why I’m working to bring you hot trade plans every single day of the week.

Myself and a few other traders.

This way, every single day you’ll have a refreshed watchlist accompanied by key patterns to watch.

This is literally a trade plan in your inbox every day.

The way to grow in this niche is through exposure.

There’s only so much you can learn from websites and online forums.

Eventually, you’ve got to dive in and start swimming around.

With the daily trade plans, at least you know you’re swimming in the right direction.

I don’t want anybody on my team to drown.

In fact, let me give you a pattern for tomorrow morning.

Monday Pattern

Things are going to move fast when the starting bell rings.

It’s easy to get sidetracked. It’s easy to get sucked into a bad trade.

Make sure to focus on key price action. And if you don’t have a pattern to trade, check out the one I linked below … 

This niche is too volatile to walk around blindly.

Every time I enter a trade I make sure to plan my entry and my exit.

The video above goes into more detail.

Good luck tomorrow.

See you in the next letter.