How Crypto Regulation Could Be A Good Thing

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Crypto

Howdy, traders. It’s Matt here.

The markets are switching who’s up and who’s down. Stocks roared back from Labor Day Weekend with a vengeance. 

The Nasdaq blasted past 2% and held its gains, and the S&P wasn’t far behind. Can it carry through the week? And is this just a small bounce off oversold levels in a bear market or … what can we do but speculate? 

But while the markets were good and green, crypto took a bit of a dive. Bitcoin (BTC) briefly dropped below the $19,000 key level

What are traders worried about? And could their fears be wrong? There’s something brewing in crypto right now that might just be a good thing…

This Is How Crypto Regulation Could Help

We’re at a fork in the road right now. Crypto wants to hold onto decentralization, but it also wants to be energy-efficient, practical, and widely adopted. 

And now, Ethereum’s big event, The Merge, could speed up calls for regulation. Here’s why…

Ethereum’s come across challenges to decentralization before. Ever since the DAO attack forced it to face its security vulnerabilities when transacting on a large scale, and roll back its network.

Ethereum is currently categorized as a commodity by the Feds … but some are starting to wonder if The Merge will necessitate a change to the category of “security.” 

Previously, The Securities and Exchange Commission has been seeking to change the smaller coins involved in the space to a “security” designation. If they get their way, it would force crypto exchanges to register with the SEC as broker-dealers.

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The challenge to regulation right now is knowing who would have to, or is in a position to, pay for the enforcement of said regulation. That will ultimately decide if it moves forward or not. 

But would it be bad if it did? What’s wrong with enhanced security, transparency, and accountability? Couldn’t these things bring more traders, and more volume, to the crypto markets? 

There’s no shortage of crypto scammers out there these days. The term “pig butchering” is currently used to describe a scam where the scammers build up trust with their victims, and it’s costing scammers millions. 

California is moving in New York’s direction with a bill aimed at requiring crypto exchanges to acquire special permits to operate in its state. The two states strongly advocate for consumer protections, but will others follow suit?

It’s still too early to tell what will happen next but crypto is a fast-moving, high-growth stock where anything can happen. 


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