My Trading Outlook

Hey, it’s Bryce Tuohey. Glad you made it. 

Let’s do a quick rundown of who I am, how I trade, the rules I trade by, and how we’ll work together in your To The Moon Report

After a couple years of just goofing around with trading as a hobby, I watched my old friend and college roommate Matt Monaco nail $4K trades with a $10-15K account. He was buying cool stuff on Amazon and taking his girlfriend shopping. 

It was 2019, and I was ready to step up. I got serious about my trading, starting with a $5,000 trading account…

It’s been far from easy. I made tons of newbie mistakes. But now, two years later, I’m up over $664,000*. 

Alongside my partner-in-crime Matt Monaco, I run a teaching service called Small Cap Rockets (powered by StocksToTrade). 

In this insane market, where 90% of traders FAIL, the two of us have strung together a combined $2.25 million in trading profits.* It still blows our minds. 

Matt and I are best friends — we’ve known each other for more than 15 years — and we trade side-by-side every single day. 

We think our collaboration is at the heart of our success. We share every idea we have with one another, and often trade the same setups. 

Plus — a little healthy, non-toxic competition never hurt anyone. I’m determined to catch up with Matt’s millions … just watch me

That being said, there are some key differences to our trading strategies…

My Trading Outlook

I like to trade stocks. I’ll leave the options and crypto to Matt. 

I’m a long-biased trader — I LOVE to trade breakouts. 

My bread and butter trade is buying intraday breakouts. I find these intraday moves often lead to a daily breakout, where the upside can be massive. 

When I can time these trades perfectly, the sky’s the limit. 

How do I find intraday breakouts?

It’s situational. I look at a variety of indicators — level 2, technical, fundamental, etc.

But let’s keep it simple: I want to see dips being bought intraday. To me, that’s a big sign that a breakout is about to happen.

I also want to see strong volume intraday, ideally increasing around power hours (at the market open and close).

On the daily chart, I look for ascending volume day after day. 

These crazy breakout plays can literally go TO THE MOON — and I’m here to help you find them.

Now let’s get to my three trading pillars:

Pillar #1: Focus on Win Percentage

When Matt is looking 3-to-1 reward/risk, I’m usually looking for a high win percentage.

Matt is more selective, whereas I look at a huge batch of tickers and charts every day. This leads me to approach risk and reward a bit differently.

I’ll happily take a 2-to-1 reward/risk setup if I think the play has a 60-70% chance of winning. Then I’ll string as many of these trades together as I can.

When it comes to time in a trade, I don’t care if it’s five hours or five minutes. Whatever the setup calls for, I’ll bring it.

Pillar #2: Process Over Profits

Earlier in my trading career, I couldn’t find consistency. 

I understood the basics, but my progress seemed to be “two steps forward, one step back.”

Then, one day, I had an “aha moment” — I stopped caring about how much I profited. 

As soon as I focused on how I traded over how much I made from trading — my results immediately improved.

Ever since then, “process over profits” has become a trading mantra of mine. 

Whenever I find myself getting wrapped up in profits, I repeat this phrase to myself over and over again.

Pillar #3: Remember What’s Important in Life

NEVER let trading take over your entire life.

I’m a full-time day trader. I sit in the Small Cap Rockets office all day watching screens and scanning potential plays.

That being said, I don’t let trading take over my life. I find my personal life really affects my trading. 

I don’t want to be some loner, sitting in a dark office staring at charts all day. This is a recipe for disaster.

Get yourself away from your desk setup at least once a day. Go outside and take a walk. Get some fresh air.

Never let your trading ruin your personal life. 

In the big picture, I value my time with friends and family more than anything. That’s why I always make sure to take breaks from trading to spend time with them. 

It helps me remember what’s really important. Moreover, it helps my trading.

After a short family vacation, I come back to the office recharged and ready to crush every play that week. I can see the positive change in my results. It’s not a fluke.

Live a happy life, remember what’s important, and you’ll be a better trader for it.

Prepare for Liftoff

Time for me to head back to trading. I’ll see you soon in your To The Moon Report

Every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll get our lessons, news, trading plans, and more. Be sure to take it all in to get you primed for your FREE watchlist every Sunday. 

Ready for the rocket ride? Let’s go! 

We’re off To The Moon!

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