What Will NFTs 2.0 Look Like?

by | Jun 2, 2022 | NFT

Happy Thursday, traders. It’s Matt here. 

Lately, traders keep tugging at my sleeves when the market chops back and forth. They want confirmation that it’s made up its mind about which way to go.  

Here’s what I think…

It’s during the most uncertain times that magic happens. Creativity takes over. Innovation leads the way. 

The markets are likely to stay on this roller coaster as long as the winds of inflation data and Federal Reserve rate hikes face off. 

Eventually, people get bored of the repetitive pattern and start to crave something new. That’s when they stop waiting for opportunities to come around and create them instead. 

Today, we’re gonna uncover what the future of NFTs will look like. Which NFTs will rise from the ashes … and can they lead the next movement to the moon?  

Will The Next Generation of NFTs Will Have Staying Power?

We’re still in the early days of NFTs … and they’re already seeing explosive growth. According to the co-founder of OpenSea, there are currently more NFTs on the platform than there were websites in 2010.

But having a lot of something doesn’t automatically make it valuable. Every smart trader knows that demand is far more important than supply. Hello, low-float high-volume small caps!

In 2021, NFTs reached $17 billion in trading volume, but that dollar volume was owned by less than 400,000 holders.

So what’s it gonna take for NFTs to truly reach the mainstream? One theory on CoinTelegraph is exactly what’s happening now — a crash

When something’s new, easy, and unregulated, it can bring a lot of snake oil salesmen out of the woodwork. But there’s nothing like a good crash, or consolidation period, to show that only the strong will survive. 

The same theory believes that companies with high-margin, high-touch projects that can successfully transition from Web2 to Web3 will lead the next generation of NFTs.

We’re starting to see signs of this concept taking shape … Prada just threw an innovative hat into the ring. The luxury fashion brand is expanding its Web3 strategy with The Prada Timecapsule NFT Collection.

And high society continues to contribute to the space as Warren Buffet’s granddaughter enters the artistic ring. 

When big brands and big celebs jump in, they tend to bring the resources needed for the next stage of growth with them. Stay tuned!


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