‘To the Moon’ Watchlist: March 26, 2022

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Watchlists

Hey, everyone. Bryce here. 

It was another topsy-turvy one for the markets. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to shake up the indexes as world leaders make foreign policy decisions. 

Consumer sentiment fell on account of the uncertainty abroad and inflation at home. 

Through it all, there are a few stocks capturing my attention at the moment…

What I’m Watching

Here are the tickers I’ve got my eye on for next week…

Tilray Inc (NASDAQ: TLRY)

Legislation to federally legalize marijuana hits the House floor as soon as next week…

Pass or no pass, that could be a huge news catalyst for TLRY as discussions unfold. 

Tilray is a global cannabis company, and it was a huge runner back when the marijuana sector was hot. 

It continued its multi-day run on Friday. I’m hoping it stays strong next week and continues to break out. It just broke through a three-month base price around the $8 range.

If volume picks up during the House debates, it could rise to the next key level of $10 or more.

Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CELZ)

CELZ jumped more than 80% on Wednesday after announcing positive results from a pilot study on StemSpine.

StemSpine is a patented treatment that uses the patient’s own stem cells to treat chronic lower back pain. It’s non-surgical and drug-free.

It had a bit of a third-day surge on Friday, touching Wednesday’s closing high price of $3.50 in its intraday high. 

I’m looking for a continuation on Monday and a break past its Friday closing high of $3.48. If it can hold that level and break out further in the afternoon, that’ll be pretty sweet.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd (NASDAQ: AGRI)

This is a continuation of the agricultural stock run we saw due to conflict in Ukraine. AgriFORCE recently announced its participation in the 2022 VIrtual Growth Conference.

AGRI broke out on Thursday but with very low volume on the daily chart. On Friday, it opened close to $6 but then slid below the previous close.

I’m hoping for a multi-day breakout to continue on Monday. Any breakout that holds above the $5 level is bullish.


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