The Number One Strategy That Makes Me a Better Trader

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Trading Lessons

Happy Thursday, traders. It’s Bryce back at you.

Today, I’m gonna share a secret strategy I discovered that dramatically improved my trading game. 

With the recent unpredictable markets, I turned into a bit of a trainwreck before I implemented this one thing…

I realized that even if you’re good at reading charts, that alone won’t save you as a trader unless you know this too…

You can even get lucky and be in the right trades at the right time, but that won’t help you in the long run unless you implement this one key strategy.

I discovered it by accident, but now that I know it, it makes perfect sense… 

What It Takes to Trade Like a Pro

I’ll admit it. Trading in 2020 and 2021 spoiled me. Having a dozen or more breakouts a day to choose from required different skills from a trader. You had to prioritize which tickers to jump into but you didn’t have to think too hard about them… 

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If you showed up in the morning and you had an idea of what sector was hot, it was pretty easy to catch a lucky breakout or two. But things changed. Here’s the most important thing a trader needs to succeed in today’s market.

Accept That You Need A Schedule

I didn’t implement my new strategy on purpose. In fact, it came to me by complete accident. I was getting into the groove of my guru duties for Stocks To Trade. (I half-kid about the guru part.) 

I was drinking coffee and planning out social media content with my social media strategy team. Then it dawned on me … The habits that make me a more successful trading educator also make me a better trader…

Having a schedule, and other responsibilities in my life, keep me from making a lot of the mistakes I used to make as a trader.  

Plan Ahead

With social media strategy, you have to plan ahead. It’s what the industry requires. The trouble with trading is that you have to build your own requirements. You’re accountable to yourself

We all want the freedom that trading brings. That’s why we get into it. But that desire doesn’t necessarily make us consistently profitable traders. Having a schedule, and something else going on in my life, kept me from making dumb trades. 

Watch This BEFORE 9:30AM!

Have you seen what Tim Bohen has been up to EVERY morning between 9:29 and 9:30am?

If not, click here now because he’s getting ready to do it again.

Do NOT wait to see this.

You know what I’m talking about … the trades you go into knowing they’re meh, but you take them anyway because you’re bored and want to feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Overtrading is a bad habit. The number one way to kick it to the curb is to PLAN YOUR TRADES in advance!

Be Disciplined With Your Time

When you know what to look for, you don’t waste your time on trades that aren’t right for you. That’s why I plan my trades in advance. 

What does that look like? Right now, I get started in the early morning … I scan for stocks that I might want to trade later that day or even that week. Some setups can take days to unfold!

Then I get my social media and content strategy work done and come back to trading in the afternoon session. If a stock moves according to my trading plan, I trade it. If it doesn’t, I accept it and move on. 

This strategy is a win for both my trading account and my mental health! And it’s flexible. If you’re not a morning person and you don’t wanna chug caffeine, plan your trades after the markets close for the next day. Just make sure you have a plan in place before you hit the screens!


Look, nobody wants to hear the words ‘discipline’ or ‘plan’. We all wanna get up at the market open, magically bank a few grand, and then go back to sleep. 

But most of the time, that’s just not realistic. And believe it or not, accepting reality is actually more fun in the long run! Why? Because it can make the difference between a winning trader and a losing one. 

Nobody wants to stay stuck in a rut of losing trades. It’s painful. VERY painful. That’s why I’m passionate about helping my trading students learn the tricks of the trade. The best way to gain full access to my premium content is in Small Cap Rockets — hope to see you there!

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