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by | Mar 16, 2023 | Announcements

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

Things move fast in this niche.

That’s what I like about it.

Some people hold shares of a stock for weeks or months just to make 10%.

With the kinds of stocks I trade … I can make 10% multiple times within a single day.

I’ve done it before, my trading track record is on

But in order to take advantage of these plays, I’ve got to be reasonably quick to pick up on the move.

In the beginning, when I was first understanding the process, it took me some time to figure out which stocks to watch and when.

But I learned quickly from Tim’s live chat room.

Here’s everything I know about the market’s hottest stocks and how to find them … 

Trade The Right Stocks

At the end of the day … no matter what pattern you’re using, if you’re trading the wrong stock you’re going to lose.

The issue is, hindsight is 20/20. How do we know which tickers will spike higher and which won’t?

We don’t know.

Nobody knows for certain.

Why can’t veteran trader Tim Bohen stop laughing?

He says he’s just identified the ultimate revenge trade…

And can’t wait to hear from the haters.

Last year, people who doubted him missed out on the opportunity to make EIGHT TIMES their money.

But, after years of experience in the industry, Tim Sykes was able to narrow down a group of the most probable spikers.

There’s a checklist to run through … 

  • A price below $5
  • A volume above 1 million shares
  • A float below 10 million shares
  • A hot catalyst
  • A history of spiking

These are the main factors that drive a stock higher.

By focusing on this specific group, we minimize the chance of losses.

And by using the hottest trading patterns, we’re able to recognize a failed trade and get out for a small loss if a trader is disciplined enough.

Every trader loses.

My win rate is only 51%. But my wins are always bigger than my losses. And that’s how a professional does it.

While you’re learning in the beginning, take notes from the small-cap rockets chat room.

Matt Monaco and I are dropping hot stock picks and potential strategies throughout the day.

It’s a great way to build fundamentals as a trader. Plus you’ll get to ask questions and engage with the community.

Traders that try to make the journey alone are often eaten alive.

Find a group that reaches for the same goals as you. And then get to work.

See you in the next letter.

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