How I Passed $1 Million in Profits

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Announcements

Howdy traders, it’s Bryce here.

The first million is the hardest. 

I’ve waited a long time to say it, but it’s finally true! 

Yesterday, while on a live stream with Tim Sykes, I passed the $1 million milestone.

It was a routine trade. With routine patterns. And thanks to my discipline and risk awareness, it was relatively safe.

I have Sykes to thank for this achievement.

I’m his 32-millionaire student.

Here’s how I approach every trade … 

Every Day Is The Same

This brings me a lot of peace.

Sometimes trading can seem really hectic and convoluted.

The reason why so many people fail … they make it more complicated than it needs to be.

They overtrade. They search for profits when they should be relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times to be aggressive. But it’s not like that all day every day.

In my live stream with Sykes, things were hot early in the morning. But then we chilled out mid-day because there wasn’t anything that fit our patterns.

Trade alongside millionaire traders every day.

This is your chance to get instant access to the hottest chat room and trade alongside three 6-figure traders while using the same revolutionary trading platform they rely on every day.

If you wake up every day trying to make $1 million, you’re going to lose. Those expectations are insane.

Here’s how to do it … 

I wake up every day ready to find hot stocks. And maybe I’ll make a trade if I see an easy gimme.

I’m focused on tickers like … 

  • Genius Group Limited (AMEX: GNS) spiked +670%
  • Global Tech Industries Group Inc. (OTC: GTII) spiked +100%
  • BuzzFeed Inc. (NASDAQ: BZFD) spiked +340%

They offers ton of bullish opportunities.

It’s the best way to trade. It’s low-stress. And it’s sustainable.

Sustainability is key. I didn’t make $1 million in profits off just a few trades. Check my, I’ve traded over five thousand times.

I want a strategy that returns profits over the long run. So that I can continue to profit and live the life I want for years and years to come.

The Process

I’m not a genius.

I’m not a math wiz.

I don’t have a trading secret.

I followed the best in the business. Tim Sykes.

A ton of traders go it alone. They blow up an account. And they switch industries.

They think trading is a scam, that it’s impossible to profit. And it’s really sad to see, because there’s so much opportunity here if only they followed the rules.

Sykes has been in the industry for more than twenty years, and he’s been teaching for fifteen years.

After I lost money in the beginning, I found Sykes and realized his success not only as a trader but also as a teacher.

I wanted the freedom to choose my own hours, work from wherever, and still be able to make more than the average U.S. citizen (right now that’s a bit more than $54k/year).

Tim Sykes had the life I wanted. And now we hold live streams together.

It all started when I joined the Trading Challenge.

I tried some trading before that, but looking back, it was really just gambling.

If you want to trade and earn consistent profits. Try following someone with a consistent track record.

Someone like Tim Sykes.

See you in the next letter.

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